Project description

Before its merger/acquisition in early 2016, One of Phasha360's directors was tasked Student Brands with rebranding the Student Brands website, while a freelance art direct for the youth marketing agency (Student Brands). Because Student Brands vision statement clearly stated that the agency "strives to be the leading student portal, firstly in Southern Africa and then the world at large. We aim to give students across the country the necessary resources, support and opportunities to excel in the competitive world of business. We believe that students are our future; students believe that we are theirs.


The Phasha360 team designed and developed the Student Brands website with a clear objective to make it look and feel as a leading student portal in Southern Africa and the world at large.
The website features all everything that a news portal website would but will added functionalities for students to browse graduate programmes, student jobs, courses offered at different universities in South Africa, competitions, bursaries and access to a youth radio podcast which airs every Thursday on CliffCentral.

Project information

  • Created by :Phasha360
  • Date :June 2014
  • Deliverables :Mobile First Wordpress Website Design and Development
  • Skills Utilised:Website Design, Development, UX/UI
  • Software :Coda / Wordpress/ Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe Photoshop/Sketch App/ Bootstrap
  • Programming Language :HTML/CSS/JavaScripts/PHP
  • Client : Student Brands