Project description

Rebangwe Interiors' current clientele mainly comprises of designers who work with corporates, construction companies, shop owners, individual home owner, retail shops, offices and banks and government sectors who get to experience Master Craftsmanship at its highest level.

Phasha360 in partnership with the project owner Designers@Work was tasked with designing and developing a user friendly mobile first website that showcases the wonderfull work that the Rebangwe Interiors furnitures designers invest hour perfecting at their warehouse in Johannesburg

Rebangwe Interior website homepage.

The mobile first website features a gallery of some of the designs by Rebangwe Interiors furniture designers and an option for buying other products online. It runs on a Wordpress plartform and the Wordpress theme was customised to fit the client's requirements.

Rebangwe Interior gallery page

At Phasha360 we pride ourself in delivering work at not only meets and exceed clients but also gives us bragging and we are always open to partnering with digital and advertising agencies that require design services, on this project Designers@Work approached us for assistance on this project because they didn't have capacity but above all they were inpressed by the quality of our work.

Project information

  • Created by :Phasha360 and Designers@Work
  • Date :20 August 2015
  • Deliverables :Mobile First Website Design and Development
  • Skills Utilised:Website Design and Development, UX/UI
  • Software :Coda / Wordpress/ Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe Photoshop/Sketch App
  • Programming Language :HTML/CSS/JavaScripts/PHP
  • Client : Rebangwe Interiors