Project description

Projekt23 - The Green Movement, is a community and schools based environmental education and tree planting project initiated in March 2009. This Non-Profit Organisation was initiated with aim to create awareness with regards to environmental issues prevalent in our immediate surroundings and how this fit into the global climate change context, with the hope to encourage participation amongst community members, young and old.

Since the organisation will be having its first conference on the 27th March 2013. They wanted marketing material to promote the up-coming event. That is when they approached us and tasked us with modifying their old business card which was designed by a different agency

Projekt23 business card before and after.

After being impressed with the modification o their business card, they decided to task us with designing all their promotional material - which included roll-up banners and posters.

Project information

  • Created by :Phasha360
  • Date :1 March 2013
  • Deliverables :Business Card (50mm x 90mm, Print ready)
  • Skills Utilised:Graphic Design
  • Software :Adobe Illustrator
  • Client : Projekt23